How are my wikis in 2009 different from my "Curriculum Kits on the Internet" in 1996?
I have moved from being a teacher who put her cool lesson materials on the Internet back in the day when you had to FTP text files to a teacher who is working with 8 years olds to crowdsource their own learning.

We must learn to share our working better. That means letting others touch "our" work/ideas/products and change it, mold it, shape it, merge it.

We must help students learn how to crowdsource* their learning IN school as they do OUT of school.

Apprenticeship works--we need to utilize it more in schools.

We must embrace a new framework with parents for permissions & authoring work in/out class.

We must recognize school as part of the world, not apart from it.

Teachers must get over not wanting to mess with each other's stuff -- if none of us is as smart as all of us, how can we leverage technology to become smarter as a collective body? How do we crowdsource our own intelligence?

*Crowdsourcing: leveraging the mass collaboration enabled by Web 2.0 technologies to achieve goals. (Wikipedia)
--the secret of crowdsourcing. Effective crowdsourcing only works if 1) your community is passionate about your success; and 2) you have an existing open dialogue with your community. (http://learntoduck.com/startups/crowdsource)