3. What is your website or blog address, if you have one? *
5. Please share a short bio about yourself and your role as it relates to your presentation topic.
I am a gifted resource teacher in an elementary school who has taught all grades, K-5. I attend (and have presented at) local, state and national conferences regularly and keep abreast of as much of the latest research as I possibly can. I have participated in both teacher and student projects on wikis, blogs and nings, and am struggling with how to make those more collaborative in both my classroom and school. I am a professional development leader in my division, and am on a county "Envision" committee whose charge is "to enroll our colleagues in innovation." Our mission is to envision Albemarle County Public Schools' future and backward map the professional development and structures that will make it possible.

6. For which strand are you submitting this proposal? *
Kicking It Up a Notch
7. What is the title of your proposed session? *
Parallel Play or Collaboration--Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work
8. Abstract *
In less than 250 words, please describe what you plan to share and do in your presentation. Clarify how you plan to produce your presentation (podcast, screencast, video, PPT, etc.) Remember, your presentation must be submitted in a downloadable and convertable file format, and have a length of 20 minutes or less. Please refer to the online call for proposals for additional requirements.
Since I haven't done this before, I'm not sure whether I will create a video podcast or simply produce a video. I'm leaning towards a video.

In my 20 minutes, I will:

*Compare and contrast several wikis (my own and ones I created for collaboration) (5-7 minutes)
*speak to the differences and growth from early ones to more recent ones and the trials and tribulations I encountered on my journey. (3-5 minutes)
*share resources for learning more about collaboration and highly engaging work and how it affects student learning (3-5 minutes)
*share a wiki that has a rubric for evaluating the level of Blooms Taxonomy involved in project work (3 Minutes)
*invite questions and comments and ask people to join the rubric wiki. (1 minute)

9. Goals *
State the purpose and intent of this session. Include presentation goals, objectives and anticipated outcomes for participants
Presentation Goals:
To help participants think about the differences between a project that is a glorified drop box or parallel play and one that truly involves students in authentic work which is purposeful, personally meaningful and engaging and that meets a need in the world today.

*To share examples of analog wikis and contemporary learning, exploring the differences
*To describe my growth from using wikis as a glorified drop box to more collaborative learning and sharing
*To share and elicit questions teachers need to explore and answer as they traverse the use of web 2.0 tools
*To begin/continue a conversation about how to engage our students in more collaboration and high quality work on the web using web 2.0 tools.

Anticipated Outcomes:
*Participants will walk away with questions and fresh ideas to explore as they use wikis and other collaborative tools in their classrooms.
*Participants will also have a resource (a wiki) for learning more about collaboration and highly engaging work to bridge the divide from traditional learning to contemporary learning
*Participants will have at least the beginnings of a rubric to evaluate projects as to their ability to support students as they relate to one another and collaborate, as they create, and as they donate and share their learning to the collective world wide web wisdom. The rubric will be based at least partly on Bloom's taxonomy.

10. Justification *
Why does your presentation fit in your selected strand?
Because I will be talking about and sharing my personal struggles with making projects more interactive and helping teachers understand the critical need to get kids involved in these ways, I think it fits into the "Kicking It Up A Notch" strand. As we use tools, our use of them often changes, and I believe the story of one teacher's struggles to raise the bar in her own work with students will motivate, support and help others to do the same.

11. Theme *
How does your presentation support this year's conference theme: "Bridging the Divide"?
I am working to bridge the divide between traditional work simply being uploaded to the web and using the tools of the web to learn, teach and create new information or share information in new ways. I will also share my struggles with helping teachers bridge the divide between their comfort level and what they currently know and understand to envisioning a different learning that involves students having more control and ownership of their learning.

12. Full DIsclosure *
Please note K-12 Online is NOT an appropriate venue for vendor-generated infomercials for commercial products. If you have any professional affiliation or commercial tie (vendor or are paid by any company or individual to use, promote, or support a website, project or service) to any of the websites, products or services you plan to discuss in your presentation, please disclose that here.

I am not connected to any of the tools I will share other than the fact that I use them.